GENERAL STATE BUDGET FOR 2022 – Main Tax Changes

On December 30, 2021, Law nº 32/21 was published, approving the General State Budget for the fiscal year 2022 (OGE 22), whose most relevant changes in tax matters are highlighted below:


  • Reduction to 7% of the VAT rate on the provision of hotel and restaurant services, if certain requirements are met in terms of the tax status of these taxpayers;
  • Application of reduced rates of 5% and 7% for products listed in Annex I of the State Budget 22, which include, among others, food products;
  • Maintenance of the Simplified VAT Regime, as it already existed, for taxable persons who, during 2021, had a turnover or import operations equal to or less than AKZ. 350,000,000;
  • Maintenance of exclusion from the scope of VAT for individuals or companies whose turnover or import operations is equal to or less than AKZ. 10,000,000;
  • Payment of Stamp Duty at the rate of 7% for taxpayers of the Simplified and General Regimes who exclusively practice exempt operations, excluding air transport services for passengers in international traffic and the rental of real estate.


  • Deductible VAT that, for whatever reason, has not been deducted by the taxpayer, is not accepted as a cost for Corporate Income Tax purposes;
  • Change to 6.5% of the Corporate withholding tax due on the payment of services provided by non-resident entities.

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