IVAUCHER – Request your invoice with NIF until the 31st of August!

The “IVAucher” program, created by the Portuguese Government through Regulatory Decree No. 2-A/2021 of 28 May, has as its primary objective to support some of the sectors that are most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic: accommodation, restaurants and culture.

In order to attract consumption, this program, which is divided into three phases, consists in accumulating VAT paid to use later by the same consumers.

Until August 31, 2021, you only have to request the invoice with your NIF (Número de Identificação Fiscal) when paying for an expense/service related to one of the sectors mentioned above. Then, during the month of September, and based on the invoices requested with NIF by the Taxpayer, the Tax and Customs Authority (AT) will calculate and validate the value of the VAT accumulated so that you can enjoy the benefit in the third and last phase of this Program, between the 1st of October and the 31st of December 2021. Therefore, from the 1st of October you can use your accumulated amount and can pay up to 50% of your invoice with the IVAaucher benefit.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to have access to this benefit, in addition to requesting the invoice with NIF, you will also have to associate one or more bank cards, in a related currency, the Euro, through the ivaucher.pt portal, from the App created for this purpose or through a Saltpay customer network.

Despite the apparent scrutiny of consumer data, the Government guarantees that the protected data will be protected and will not be disclosed to third parties, so they will only be used within the scope of this Program, which has a temporary nature with an end foreseen on December 31, 2021.

And what happens to the VAT collection deduction on my 2021 IRS?

According to the IRS Code, there is the possibility of deduction from the collection of the amount corresponding to 15% of the VAT by any member of the household, with a global limit of €250, which is included in invoices that entitle the provision of services communicated to the AT .

However, and so that there is no double benefit, the amounts of accumulated VAT that the first ones used in this Program do not contribute to the calculation of the deduction from the collection due to the invoice requirement provided for in the IRS Code.

Ana Cândido

Senior Consultant