Angola | Tax Alert | Submission of the Annual Tax Return – Investment Income Tax

According to the Investment Income tax code, the taxpayers required to settle the tax should submit a statement of all income received, paid or made available to their holders.


The annual tax return should be submitted by the end of January of the year following that in which the receipt, payment or making available take place.

The tax return must be delivered to the Tax Office of the residence area of the taxpayer.


The Executive Decree nr. º 456/17, of October 2 (consult our Tax Alert from October 11 of 2017), that published and approved new models of forms and legal templates, also approved the annual tax return of the investment income tax, therefor, the report of the above mentioned situations that occurred in 2018, must be made until the end of January 2019.


The template of the legal form to be submitted can be consulted here.


A On.Corporate, contando com mais de 12 anos de experiência no mercado Angolano, poderá assistir as empresas na implementação dos procedimentos que se mostrem necessários para o cumprimento das normas previstas em Angola.